Proven Strategies, Holistic Perspective.

Our firm is one of the few in the nation that uses a holistic approach to financial management. In addition to providing proven strategies, we also help you build a healthy relationship with money.



Our Approach

We offer a variety of specialized services designed to meet your specific goals and needs.

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Help With Life Decisions

Buying a home, inheritance, college education, getting married, new baby, divorce and more.

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Important Information

Receive useful information and financially related articles.

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Our Company

We have helped hundreds of clients achieve financial peace of mind by providing proven strategies from a holistic perspective.  Alexandra Cock, JD, CLP, is the founding principal of Wealth Plus Inc. and a recognized expert in holistic financial management. During 20 years as a Financial Advisor and 27 years of experience in Tax Law, she has been quoted in publications such as Marin IJ and voted one of the best financial advisors in Marin County.

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