About Wealth Plus Financial Advisors and Alexandra Cock

Wealth Plus, Inc., a full service firm, offering financial advice, investment management, and insurance. Wealth Plus, Inc. is a California Registered Investment Adviser.  Located in Marin County, California. We serve as a macro manager to oversee all aspects of our clients’ finances.

Our practice is based on principles of holistic, whole-life financial planning. It recognizes that true prosperity encompasses many parts of our lives, and requires balancing personal, spiritual, as well as financial. Since 1995, we have helped hundreds of clients achieve financial peace of mind by providing proven strategies from a holistic perspective.

Our team includes professionals in Law, Taxation, Accounting and Estate Planning.

WEALTH PLUS, INC is currently interviewing for a New Client Success Manager.  Please contact the office at 415.457.8936

Meet the Wealth Plus, Inc. Team


Alexandra Cock


As founder and principal of Wealth Plus, Inc.  Alexandra Cock brings decades of experience and a diverse professional background to helping clients meet their financial goals.

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Yvette Lozano

Junior Financial Advisor

Yvette comes to us with extensive experience in business administration, accounting, team organization, and customer service. She has a proven track record in document control and records management.

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