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Fall Staff News

by Rachel Li on Oct 30, 2018

In October, Alexandra attended Opportunity Collaboration in Mexico, a 4-day inspiring collaborative summit focused on solutions to global poverty and injustice with an emphasis on Impact Investing.

* Yvette is volunteering once a week at Canal Alliance in their ESL (English as a Second Language) program as a teacher’s aide. Volunteer aides are vital in achieving the goal of having a vibrant and thriving immigrant community that is able to contribute and participate by making sure that they have all the necessary tools, which includes the important skill of communication.

Introduction to Wealth Plus Inc. by Alexandra Cock 2018 Fall Newsletter - Focus on Happiness!

by Rachel Li on Oct 25, 2018

If you’re like me, you might be thinking, who can contemplate ‘happiness’ at a time like this? But contemplate happiness we must. It’s so easy to get sucked into the constant stream of negativity, and I mean constant! As a lawyer, It is very discouraging that the Senate would confirm a Supreme Court Justice who obfuscates, lies and doesn’t believe in cornerstone constitutional principles like due process. That’s without even getting into his sexual assault behavior and ill-advised personal habits.

Dan Walters, “Could California be seeing an onset of a New Recession?”

by Rachel Li on Aug 7, 2018

Twice each year, once in January and again in May, Gov. Jerry Brown warns Californians that the economic prosperity their state has enjoyed in recent years won’t last forever.

Brown attaches his admonishments to the budgets he proposes to the Legislature – the initial one in January and a revised version four months later.

With a Tax Deductions Gone, Parents look to Home Equity as a way to Pay for College

by Rachel Li on Aug 7, 2018

For parents facing the prospect of six-figure college bills, every bit of savings and every last tax break helps. As many Americans digested the details of the new tax law, it was natural to lament the end of deductions for interest people pay on home equity loans. After all, if you don’t have savings but have been paying down your mortgage, it’s awfully tempting to borrow against your house to pay for college. Many colleges seem to count on this. In fact, scores of the more expensive private ones ask about home equity during the financial aid process.

New Tax scam and how to Deal with it

by Rachel Li on Aug 7, 2018

If you weren’t expecting an income tax refund from the IRS in your bank account, don’t be quick to celebrate – You might be a target for a clever scam. Some of this fraud is coming and shows up from professional tax preparers who use details to file fake tax returns for refunds sometimes as large as $20,000. sent electronically with plans to collect it later. The IRS has been issuing warnings. Here are some answers to questions on how to deal with this.

Q: What if a tax refund is deposited in my account?