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    How do I get started?

    To get started, please call 415-457-8936 to discuss how we may be of service.  We will ask you some questions to determine if we can meet your needs.  If you would like to schedule a complimentary “get acquainted” meeting, we will ask you to complete and bring the confidential client questionnaire to our meeting so we can most effectively use our time together. The questionnaire allows us to quickly review a lot of financial areas with you.

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    Who does the financial analysis and advising?

    Principal Alexandra Cock works personally with all clients.  She conducts the financial analysis and strategy.  Alexandra is a recognized expert in financial strategies, economics, and tax law.  She has been a financial advisor for 20 years, tax attorney for 30 years and holds insurance and securities licenses.

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    What do you mean by holistic?

    Our firm is one of the few in the nation that integrates a holistic approach to finance.

    Holistic means:

    • we focus on the practical, spiritual and emotional aspects of money
    • we coordinate and integrate the protection, savings and growth components
    • we create strategies that cover a person’s whole life
    • we integrate personal and business finances

    Our goal is to not only provide proven strategies, but also to help clients build healthy and productive relationships with money. We offer mentoring in positive money consciousness and socially conscious investments.

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    How are fees determined?

    Our fees are described in our ADV Part 2 A 10.2.2017

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    Is there a minimum investment?

    Wealth Plus, Inc. does not have a minimum account size – we evaluate each potential client and their finances to see if they are a fit for our approach to finances.

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    Who are your clients?

    Our clients live successful and demanding lives so they seek on-going professional guidance so they can focus on life priorities such as career, health, and family.  Our clients include couples who are planning to be married; working women; working couples; and those who may, due to life’s transitions, need to review their financial picture.  Typically, our clients are between the ages of 25 and 55, open to new ideas, spend significantly less than they make, and save at least 15 percent of their income.

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    What do you do?

    Wealth Plus, Inc. is an independent financial advisory firm that provides proven strategies from a holistic perspective.  As a full service firm, we offer financial advice, investment management and insurance.  We serve as a macro manager to oversee all aspects of our clients’ finances.  Our resources include professionals in Law, Taxation, Accounting and Estate Planning that we can refer to our clients.

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    What is a California Registered Investment Adviser?

    Wealth Plus, Inc. is a California Registered Investment Adviser.  Investment advisors are generally regulated by the state securities agency in the state where they have their principal place of business.  Investment advisers, fiduciary duty to act in their clients’ best interests.  They are also subject to have a requirements related to advertising, other communications to clients and other laws and regulations designed to protect clients and the public.  In addition, both SEC and California registered investment advisers are required to develop and maintain effective compliance policies and procedures designed to ensure that they meet with a wide range of legal requirements.