We Take a Holistic Approach to Financial Advising for Women and Families.

We have helped hundreds of clients achieve financial peace of mind by providing proven strategies from a holistic perspective.

Here is what sets us apart:

  • Tax and Law Expertise
  • A Holistic Approach to Financial Planning
  • Social Responsible Investment Opportunities
  • Understanding Our Clients Goals and Values
  • Money Mentoring

Areas of expertise: Financial Strategies for Women, Individuals & Couples, Retirement and Estate advice, Socially Conscious and Green Investing, Small Business Financial Strategies

Holistic Approach: Our firm is one of the few in the nation that integrates a holistic approach to finance. Holistic means:

  • we address the emotional aspects of money
  • we integrate the protection, savings and growth components
  • we create strategies to cover a person’s whole life
  • we integrate personal and business finances

Our goal is to not only provide proven strategies, but also to help clients build healthy and productive relationships with money. We also offer Wealth Consciousness Mentoring to help clients improve the use, understanding, and enjoyment of money.

Process: We carefully review our client’s financial situation and then recommend appropriate strategies that are consistent with the client’s objectives. With the client’s approval of recommendations, we then consolidate, diversify and manage. We review the portfolio on a regular basis, re-balance when necessary, and give advice during life changes.

Technology: At the core of our analysis is our state of the art simulation software which produces Personal Financial Movies™. It allows us to view, coordinate, verify and compare all aspects of your financial life with you on one screen.

Tax Law Background: With 27 years’ experience in tax law, Alexandra can often identify discrepancies or needed corrections which can save our clients a lot of money with taxes.

Security:  We have introduced an online application called Citrix ShareFile.  It allows us to store our client's personal electronic documents more securely and efficiently, as well as create a streamlined process to ensure the financial profile is current and correct. For information about Citrix ShareFile click here

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Life's Decisions

Many major life decisions are money related. We can listen to your questions, give you things to think about and get you on a good road with your money. Here are some topics that relate to life decisions that we can help you with.

Living together

  • How should we manage joint assets
  • How can we talk about money?
  • How should we split household expenses?

Getting Married

  • Do I need/want a pre-nup?
  • How do we talk about money?
  • What is the best way to comingle finances or should we?
  • How can we create a synergistic relationship to money?

Getting Divorced

  • What are the most important things to know before?
  • How can I protect myself in case of divorce?
  • How does a divorce impact my long term finances?

New Baby

  • How should I protect my family’s income?
  • How should I provide financially for my new baby?
  • How to best prepare for change in income stream?

Children & Money

  • How early should we start talking about money?
  • How can we teach our children about money?
  • How can we help our children create a positive relationship to money?


  • What are the best ways to save for college?
  • Should I encourage my child to take out student loans?
  • Should my child pay for part of his/her college education?

Buying a Home

  • What are the best steps for realizing this dream?
  • Does it cost more to rent or own a house?
  • What is the best mortgage for me?


  • When I learn of an inheritance, what steps should I take?
  • Do I have any choice about what assets I inherit?
  • How should I manage my inheritance , taxes, investments etc?

Career Change

  • What should I consider in contemplating a career change?
  • Is your present work fulfilling?
  • What are the ramifications of making a career change?

Becoming a Widow

  • How do I prepare for the possibility of becoming a widow?
  • What do I need to know about my accounts and other assets?
  • What do I do if I am suddenly widowed?

Selling a business

  • What planning do I need to do in the years before I sell my business?
  • What types of service businesses can be sold?
  • What value can I expect for my business?