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Professional Organizers



Annie Rohrbach

Clear your mind, leave clutter behind! Annie Rohrbach, a Professional Organizer since 1987, will inspire, guide and support you to create more peace of mind and order in your life. Her unique approach can be found in her book, Conscious Order: Clear Your Mind, Leave Clutter Behind. 

(408).532.0776 | annie@consciousorder.com | http://www.consciousorder.com

Spiritual Practitioners & Organizations



The Quartus Foundation

Quartus is an organization founded by John Randolph Price, author of The Abundance Book, with his wife, Jan Price. Its mission is to explore the ancient principle of “energy follows thought” by combining the dynamics of mind with the unlimited potential of universal laws. With this understanding as a key, a door opens to a new philosophy of life that is both practical and rewarding.


Holistic & Complementary Medicine



Susan Fox, MS, LAc, Dipl. Ac, Dipl CH 

Susan’s holistic approach to healing includes addressing both the symptoms and the root causes of health conditions. She is dedicated to assist the body in rebalancing itself to optimum health.

(415) 381-8500 | http://www.balancerestored.com



Dr. Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND, LAc 

As a naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist, Carl combines western natural medicine with acupuncture and Chinese medicine to provide effective natural solutions for his patients’ specific health needs. He seeks to treat the underlying cause of disease and poor health, not just the symptoms, by using nutrition, supplements, herbal medicine and acupuncture.

(415) 643-6600 | http://www.sfnatmed.com

Recommended Organizers

  • The Abundance Book by Jonathan Randolph Price
  • Trance of Scarcity by Victoria Castle
  • LEAP: Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process by Robert Castiglione